Saturday, September 20, 2008

All Stories Published

I can now say that all the stories in my forthcoming collection American Salvage are published or scheduled for publication in literary magazines. Here's the list as it appears on the back page of my book

Gratefully acknowledged are the magazines in which these stories originally appeared: “The Trespasser” appeared in Witness; “The Yard Man,” “The Inventor, 1972,” and “Fuel for the Millennium” appeared in The Southern Review; “World of Gas” appeared in The Heartlands Today; “The Solutions to Ben’s Problem” appeared in Diagram; “Family Reunion” appeared in Mid-American Review; and was originally read aloud and broadcast on a WBEZ Program, Stories on Stage; “Winter Life” and “Falling” appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review; "Bringing Belle Home" appeared in ACM; "King Cole's American Salvage" appeared in Pleiades; "The Burn" appeared in Controlled Burn; “Storm Warning” appeared in Orchid: A Literary Review; “Boar Taint” appeared in The Kenyon Review.

In my last collection, one of the very best stories "The Perfect Lawn" was rejected by pretty much every magazine on the planet, and so this time it's nice to have all of my darlings placed somewhere.

There was a little awkward moment a week ago, when I had two unpublished stories left, and I was sending them to several places. When Carol Finke at Controlled Burn accepted "King Cole's American Salvage," I sent a note to Pleiades withdrawing it, but then two days later (before my letter arrived) I got a call from Phong Nguyen at Pleiades accepting it. Yow! So I sent "The Burn" to Controlled Burn and asked if I could switch with them, give them "The Burn," and the editor sent me a note back saying, yeah, we like "The Burn" better anyway. So, all the stories are nestled snugly into pages. Good night.

p.s. Chris took this photo of a bee's face with his new macro lens on his digital camera.

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